I have had the pleasure of being surrounded by countless friends and family around the world over the years who have supported my ability to share art with the world. This group of links is a collection of special thanks to the various groups and organizations who have made my career possible. 

Bridgette Mayers Art Advisory - Philadelphia PA, Los Angeles, CA

Genius Den  -Dallas, TX

Hunting Art Prize - Houston, TX

Conception Events - New York, NY

Texas Ale Project - Dallas, TX

Fort Worth Community Arts Center - Fort Worth, TX

The Lancaster Family - Fort Worth, TX

Meza Dental - San Jose, Costa Rica

Gallery 414 - Fort Worth, TX

University of Texas at Arlington School of Architecture - Arlington, TX

Imgur - San Francisco, CA

UT Southwestern Neurology - Dallas, TX

AOC Fort Worth - Fort Worth, TX

Asel Art - Dallas, TX